ONLINE TWITTER GIF DOWNLOADER is a Twitter đoạn clip Downloader, a free online tool to tải về and save videos và GIFs from Twitter. If you"ve come khổng lồ this website, most probably you already know about Twitter. If not, then let me explain you briefly. Twitter is social networking site, where users can post their small messages or tweets, restricted khổng lồ maximum of 140 characters. A tweet can be of text, image, đoạn clip and GIF format. Currently, Twitter doesn"t provide it"s users any faciity for downloading such media file.

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How to download video clip or GIF from Twitter

Although Twitter doesn"t allow you downloading a video clip or GIF tệp tin but comes as pretty handy tool, where you have lớn simply copy và paste the URL link of any tweet that contains đoạn clip or GIF inside the input-box above & hit the "download" button. This app extracts the video and GIF URL liên kết in MP4 & M3U8 streaming tệp tin format along with their sizes. So that, you can save the downloaded đoạn clip to your computer & mobile to play & share aswell.

Here"s how you can tải về and save the Twitter video. It"s simple và pretty easy. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Get the link of the Twitter status

Twdownlaod needs Twitter URL to work. So, getting the URL links to a tweet which contains video clip or GIF is the first step that you should do. Just, obtain the tweet link. You can vày so by clicking on the dropdown arrow given at the top-right corner of the tweet and copy the liên kết (Ctrl+C) as shown in the image below.


You can also get the Twitter status url by clicking on the tweet and then coping the URL from the browser URL address bar. It"s upto you, which way you want to go. In both case, you get the same URL liên kết that you have lớn copy for later use.

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Step 2 : liên kết input into the khung field

After you have the URL already copied, just past it into the input đầu vào box above & then click on the download button. This will take you lớn the next page as shown in below in the pic.


Step 3 : Choose the tải về option

This is the final step. You will taken to lớn the new page with Tweet status thumbnail, Title of the tweet and all download options that are available for you downloading. In the box under the column video click on the tải về button lớn save the clip from available sizes lớn your computer or mobile.


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