Giải pháp bán hàng 4

After making a deal with a supernatural figure, two high schoolers emerge with extraordinary powers và join forces to solve sầu a murder.

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César nominee Nemo Schiffman stars with Carl Malapa và Manon Bresch in this series created by Frédéric Garcia (" France"
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Supernatural Powers
After making a khuyến mãi with a supernatural figure, two high schoolers emerge with extraordinary powers & join forces to solve sầu a murder.

Determined to find his missing brother, high school troublemaker Sofiane ropes timid classmate Victor into lớn a pact with a mysterious figure.

As Sofiane experiments with his new powers, Victor discovers he has a gift of his own. School counselor Audrey investigates a troubling trover.

Rumors about the night of the tiệc ngọt skết thúc Luisa on a desperate quest for answers, & drive sầu a wedge between Victor and Sofiane.

After exposing the source of the video, Sofiane & Victor zero in on a new suspect, và Luisa gets a terrifying glimpse of their powers.

A journey inkhổng lồ a classmate's mind leaves Victor traumatized. Luisa uses Voodoo lớn help Sofiane traông chồng down the house from Reda's đoạn phim.

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With their lives spiraling out of control, Victor & Sofiane set out khổng lồ confront the killer, & Luisa hatches a plan to lớn banish Obé nhỏ.

When Onhỏ bé returns — in a startling new khung — và begins lớn raise an army of followers at the school, Sofiane, Victor & Luisa race khổng lồ stop a disaster.

Victor returns from the hospital to find Sofiane & Luisa locked in a fresh struggle with Obé nhỏ — under the watchful eye of a new school nurse.

Sofiane realizes the Marking may have unintended consequences. Luisa faces a harrowing chạy thử. A blackout leads Victor khổng lồ a disturbing discovery.

Onhỏ xíu challenges Sofiane to a fight lớn decide Reda's fate once và for all. Meanwhile, Victor confronts a painful chapter from his past.

While her grandmother tends lớn Victor, Luisa gets her first glimpse of the Power. A revelation draws everyone into the woods for a nighttime ceremony.

A road trip khổng lồ find a new victyên ổn for Onhỏ bé turns inlớn an emotional odyssey as Victor, Sofiane & Luisa grapple with haunting memories.

A surprise attack sends Onhỏ bé over the edge. Luisa embarks on a perilous mission. As more Désandans arrive sầu, an epic showdown unfolds at the school.

Carl MalapaNémo SchiffmanManon BreschCorentin FilaSami OutalbaliAnaïs ThomasFirmine RichardLéa LéviantMarvin DubartStéphane Brel