Vivo iqoo neo 855: price, specs and best deals

iQOO has finally unveiled its refresh of the original Neo smartphone. This new variant is based on the Snapdragon 855 processor, rather than the 845 of its predecessor. There is also a second option: a “Racing” edition that upgrades further lớn the 855 Plus SoC.

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iQOO is a Vivo brand that produces phones that are player-focused, premium or (quite often) both. One of its latest offerings is the Neo, a refreshed version of a phone that came into a medium tier due to its launch with a Snapdragon 845 processor in 2019. However, its unique point was that its specs still offered an appreciable mobile gaming experience at a good price.

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Its newly-official late-year update, therefore, may be more of the same. It has been known by the model number V1936A/AL, by which it has reportedly appeared on the Master Lu benchmarking website, as well as that of the game android Enterprise Recommended database. The Neo 855’s launch confirms specs such as 33-watt charging, a 4500mAh battery and a lack of NFC.

There is also a 12GB/128GB option for the V1936AL, or “Racing Edition” variant. However, it is not on sale via the product’s new section on as yet. Those 8/128GB units that are up for pre-order right now go for 2598 yuan, or about US$369. This 855 Plus flavor of iQOO Neo comes in new-ish colorways called Iceland Aurora, Light Mint (an electric xanh to xanh gradient) và Carbon Black.

The vanilla Neo 855, on the other hand, currently starts at 1698 yuan (~$241) for a 6/64GB SKU và comes in black, aurora & also the Electro-Optic Purple shade of the Neo 845. Therefore, it seems that the vanilla 855 model may take on competitors such as the Realme X2 Pro, whereas the second may reach for rivals such as the OnePlus 7T Pro, perhaps even this phone’s own special McLaren Edition.

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