Let me in mùa 3 tập 2

The colorful crew at Gotham Garage overhauls an eclectic collection of cars và trucks, trading up to lớn a showstopper they can sell for big bucks.

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The Gotham Garage crew tries to convert a 1964 Ford Thunderbird into a bonafide "rocket car" while giving a smart car the monster-truck treatment.

The team tackles a disassembled 1970 Chevy C-10 Fleetside in order lớn upgrade and trade it for a very valuable 1939 Zephyr oto body.

The crew tries to help out a friend at a steep discount with a Volkswagen Bug hot-rod upgrade. Mark gets overly creative with a T-bucket overhaul.

Shawn & Mark get a sweet haul in a trade. Tony and Caveman tag-team a 1956 Chevy truck as Constance takes on a vintage VW microbus.

Shawn locates an unconventional option for the bus engine but struggles khổng lồ find a potential buyer. The crew gets some help from a hot-rod icon.

The team aims to lớn bring some Hot Wheels dreams khổng lồ life in order lớn trade up for a rare Lincoln Futura replica. Shawn tries to rein in Mark’s impulses.

The team members race to beat the clock in pursuit of a six-figure car. Mark's quest for a siêu thị truck brings up meaningful memories.

The crew hustles lớn complete its ambitious upgrade of a 1955 Futura in time for a big tự động show. Has Gotham Garage finally landed its six-figure car?

As Gotham Garage launches a second location, the crew's challenges expand as well. But a little elbow grease & a lot of ingenuity go a long way.

With the new shop open for business, the Gotham crew upgrades a 1953 Buick Special và then attempts a first: converting a gas engine khổng lồ electric.

After suffering a massive setback, the crew focuses on flipping a souped-up motorcycle for some cash và finding their next great trade-up car.

As Shawn tries to rectify a deal gone bad, he pushes Mark to lớn take on a sentimental project. The garage gets a chance lớn impress a splashy new client.

Mark pushes more boundaries with his next two upgrades: overhauling a minivan so it’s fit for rock stars and giving the Corvette treatment lớn a boat.

Shawn pursues the pieces he needs for a big trade while Mark puts his stamp on a kit car. The garage is treated lớn a surprise visitor: Caveman’s mom.

Mark & Shawn finally make progress on a big deal. The crew fixes up a jalopy for a local race, then dives in lớn upgrade a legit vintage race car.

As Mark overhauls a 1947 military-style Dodge nguồn Wagon, Shawn finds himself in the driver’s seat when he surveys buyers for a 1960 Plymouth XNR.

The crew collectively weighs the opportunity of a lifetime — one that entails a great giảm giá of prestige, but comes at a hefty cost.

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As Gotham Garage's star rises, Mark broadens his business strategy beyond "upgrade & trade" as he courts clients with big ideas & deep pockets.

Business is booming for the Gotham crew, thanks to lớn their recent recognition. Next up, they tackle turning a 1933 Ford replica into an art deco Delahaye.

To finance a costly job redo, the crew works on an El Camino cash car for a very demanding client while overhauling an International Harvester Scout.

With everyone desperate for cash, Tony sees opportunity in a sentimental build. Shawn has a tough time finding a buyer for Mark's woody iteration.

After some creative dealmaking, Shawn frets over Mark's hot take on a Bel Air. An academic achievement leads to lớn a school bus upgrade for Caveman.

As Mark presses lớn finish the hot-tub car & fulfill a commitment lớn some friends, Shawn persuades him khổng lồ upgrade a vintage Ford pickup as insurance.

Mark harbors a lowrider vision for a vintage Impala, aimed at financing his high-concept car. As expected, the plans quickly get very elaborate.

Mark's Hayabusa hopes are tied to his take on a Prius. Shawn tries to lớn generate buzz ahead of an auction, but a real-world roadblock gets in his way.

The crew gets creative when social distancing hurts their hopes for a big payday. But Mark's high price demands may end up costing them even more.

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