On the occasion of Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20, Ky Nguyen Group would lượt thích to send all customers & female staff the best và most sincere wishes. Wish you are always healthy, happy & success.

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Over the past 20 years of establishment & development, up to now, Ky Nguyen Group has gradually grown up & become stronger. To get where we are today, we are very grateful for our customers support during the past time.

Ky Nguyen is committed to lớn doing our best, ready khổng lồ accompany customers lớn solve all difficulties. With customers, we always strive to be conscientious with deep gratitude & always want to lớn cooperate with customers, develop most sustainably and effectively.

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Once again, Ky Nguyen Group would lượt thích to send our best wishes lớn “Half of the world” Wishing you health, happiness and success!




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Ky Nguyen Group celebrates Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10

On the occasion of Vietnamese Women"s Day, 20th of October, Ky Nguyen Group would like to send to all our beloved customers & female co-workers, the best wishes for their health and happiness. Wishing "the other half of the world" will always be happy, healthy and successful in life.
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